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Discord is a communication platform designed for gamers, which means it has to be smooth and deadly (it can’t slow down your computer when you have it open, and it can’t pop-up unwanted notifications during your big boss battle).

Discord is a bit like Facebook Groups in that you create a single profile and can join multiple groups, which on Discord are called servers. You can friend other profiles and send direct messages.

Unlike Facebook, which runs on posts, a Discord server has a sidebar with topics of conversation called channels, each of which contains either a text-based chatroom or a voice-based chatroom. Best of all, there’s no newsfeed, no algorithm, and no ads!



Click the button below to go to the Discord Download page, which will automatically detect your operating system. Or, if you’re on a mobile device, search for Discord in the app store.

After you’ve installed Discord, open it and create your username and password. You haven’t joined any servers yet, so there won’t be anything to see!



The Ren+Spiritwork Discord has rules as well as community standards for communication. Please read the rules carefully and e-mail me [ [email protected] ] if you have any questions or concerns. 

renspiritwork-logo-gold The Ren+Spiritwork Discord server is only for folks who are enrolled in a course or class with Ren, such as Simple+Spiritwork, Human+Spiritwork, or a live online class. 

renspiritwork-logo-gold The Ren+Spiritwork Discord server is not open to minors.

renspiritwork-logo-gold Do your best to discuss topics in the most appropriate channel.

renspiritwork-logo-gold Folks found breaking the rules, bending the rules, or behaving in a way that inspires me to write new rules, may be removed from the Ren+Spiritwork Discord server. 

renspiritwork-logo-gold Be very gentle with each other. Even gentler than that. This community is a haven for folks of great sensitivity, mystical ability, and profound empathy, who may be either acutely overwhelmed or chronically cramped and numb. And, even for folks who don’t feel particularly psychic, it can be intimidating to discuss things as personal as our dreams, our ideas about what happens when we die, or our memories of how we related to the hidden world as children.

Now, that’s not to say that our long-term goal is to have to tip-toe around each other. I have great respect for the art of debate and the constructive power of anger. This rule reflects that our community welcomes beginners and welcomes the wounded.

There’s 8+ years of training coming out, so we can take our time healing and cultivating the courage, compassion, and trust needed for meaningful, constructive debate.

renspiritwork-logo-gold You can disagree without negating someone’s experience. Say “Yes, and…”instead of “No, but…”

DO: That’s interesting. And here’s my perspective…
DON’T: That’s wrong. Here’s how that really works…

renspiritwork-logo-gold Be careful with the word “YOU.” Stick to the word “I” to own your opinion instead of throwing it.

DO: Scary dream! I think clowns represent mask-related anxiety.
DON’T: Your dreams are scary. You have mask-related anxiety.

renspiritwork-logo-gold You may not share other Discord member’s comments, questions, original art, etc. on any platform, even anonymously, without their express written permission. 

renspiritwork-logo-gold If you find another Discord member on social media, be mindful that they may not be interested in publicly discussing their affiliation with spiritwork. Do not out anyone with messages like: “Hi, it’s Ren from that online witchcraft class! Loved what you wrote last week about necromancy!”

renspiritwork-logo-gold We’d much rather hear your voice and questions, see your art and photography, hear about your spiritworkings and visions, learn about your business and life, instead of seeing a flood of links to the voices of others.

That said, you are welcome to share outside links to art, music, or writings that are fascinating or inspiring to you, just add your voice. Tell us what you love about it. Tell us you can’t figure out why you love it. Tell us how it reminds you of spiritwork. Let everything you share, whether you made it or not, teach us something about you.

renspiritwork-logo-gold I do not require trigger warnings on written posts containing your personal experiences, dreams, or thoughts, so long as they are relevant to spiritwork and posted in the appropriate channel.

For instance, writing about the spiritflight you experienced during your suicide attempt as a teenager would not require a warning.

renspiritwork-logo-gold Sharing outside articles, content, or images of a disturbing or graphic nature should be done only by posting a link (without visible preview) and providing a thorough description. No surprises.

renspiritwork-logo-gold Your first direct message to another user MUST read: “May I direct message you?” If they don’t reply, then you are not to send them another word.

renspiritwork-logo-gold If you receive an unwanted direct message, feel free not to reply. You are allowed to not want to be in one-on-one conversations with anyone or everyone.

renspiritwork-logo-gold If you’re in a direct/private message conversation with anyone and you want to end it, then say: “Let’s take this conversation back to the shared chatrooms.” Or, “From now on I’d prefer to converse with you in the shared chatrooms.” If someone says this to you, the answer is: “Understood!” or “Okay!” Please do not ask for an explanation if they haven’t offered one.

renspiritwork-logo-gold If you need technical assistance with Discord or the classroom, please e-mail me at [email protected] and I will respond as quickly as possible.

renspiritwork-logo-gold You may either e-mail or direct message me through Discord with questions about spiritwork. Spiritwork conversations receive my full attention on two afternoons per week. It may sometimes take as long as two weeks to get a response from me if I receive a lot of questions in a given month.

I acknowledge that the delay can be uncomfortable. Sometimes the reason you might opt to direct message me is to share something that feels very personal, bad, or strange. Remember that I’ve spent more than a decade hearing folks deepest, darkest, and most bizarre, so odds are it won’t be strange to me. And, if you do manage to set a new record for strange, I’m just going to applaud and maybe send you a gift card. So, seriously, if you can, try not to sweat it, or, at least, treat it as an opportunity to exercise patience in a world filled with instant gratification.

renspiritwork-logo-gold Questions are precious. As such, if you send me a question privately, I will request your consent to share your question and my response with our community in the #ask-ren channel of the course that you’re in.

You’ll be asked to choose whether you’d like me to share anonymously on your behalf, to share a synopsis that mentions the conversation was with you, or you can copy and paste your question into the public channels, and I’ll copy and paste my reply.

renspiritwork-logo-gold Conflict, for the majority of people, causes a strong trance. We become less rational, more sensitive, more childish. We become narrowly focused on certain words, while missing intentions. Worse, we imagine intentions that aren’t there.  And, that’s just in-person fighting. When we fight online the trance is compounded!

If you witness any comments or conversations that you feel endanger your well-being or the well-being of the community, please let me know by direct message or e-mail. I, alone, will handle it. Do not respond to the offending comment or conversation yourself. If you’re twitching with desire to respond, pour those feelings out into your message to me. I’m willing to listen.

renspiritwork-logo-gold Hate speech, racism, sexism, etc. whether intentional or unintentional, aggressive, micro-aggressive, or passive-aggressive will be interrupted and moved into a private conversation with me. If possible we will discuss, learn things, and work it out.

If we are unable to discuss, learn, or work it out, then you will be removed from our Discord, but not from the course materials, as I believe the course materials may be of benefit to folks struggling to cultivate deeper compassion and understanding.



Please fill out your name, e-mail address, and new Discord username (which you created after installing and opening the program). 

This form serves as confirmation that you have read and understood the rules and that you agree to abide by them. 

This form also verifies that you have enrolled at some point in a Ren+Spiritwork course or class. Please make sure that you use the name and e-mail address that you used to enroll or register in class. 

After you fill out this form you should receive an e-mail within a few minutes containing your link to join the Ren+Spiritwork Discord.