How can we create meaningful change in ourselves and society?

TRANCE (the state of consciousness, not the music genre) makes humans less resistant to change and more capable of magic. Great!  It also makes us less rational. Great?  It’s key if you want to join a cult and live in fear of the end times. Um…not great?

Join Ren Zatopek, creator of Human+Spiritwork & “the kind of person I’d want to get horrible news from,” for a 3-hour live online training. Participants will receive a link after class to pay any amount that feels good to them—$13 suggested, because witches.





Live Online Class
SUNDAY, October 7TH


It’s a state of profound absorption and focus, like a violinist during their solo. It’s a daze, like daydreaming during Algebra class. It’s a semi-conscious stupor, like in deep hypnosis. In Spiritualism, trance is the suspension of physical awareness and control in preparation for channeling. In Witchcraft or Spiritwork, that same separation might precede spiritflight or possession. Odin take the wheel!

The word trance comes from a Latin word transire meaning to go across. In trance we cross over from the crystallized realm of control into a fluid realm of change. Our identities, priorities, senses, thoughts, and feelings become more flexible. We become less pragmatic and less skeptical. Our sense of Self gets fuzzy. We lose track of time. And, like a dream, memories of our experience can slip through our fingers as we return from our crossing.


A very sharp, powerful tool. And, everybody has one. And, we run around using it on ourselves and each other every day for:






That makes trance pretty similar to language; another powerful tool most of us use each day for comfort, creativity, connection, and control. And, like words, trance can hurt. Trance can be abusive.

Advertisements frequently utilize the trance-induction techniques that we’ll be learning; they want to bypass our pragmatism (I don’t need that) and skepticism (Does it really work?). Same for preachers and politicians. I came in skeptical, but suddenly I’m a Believer!

Of course, freaky folks like us expect the Spanish Inquisition (that’s a Monty Python joke, kids), meaning, we can smell abusive dogma a mile away. Make American Great Again my ass. But, trance can be more subtly problematic. Have you ever picked up your phone to check the weather, but found yourself on Facebook? 

Trance can be triggered many ways. In this class we’ll learn what all of these ways have in common. We’ll identify the core mechanism, thereby allowing us to engineer and reverse-engineer trances. 

Knowing how to make trance, shows us how to break trance.

But, as far as tools go, trance is less hammer and more paintbrush. Knowing which end to stick in the paint is a start, but it takes practice and patience to become a maker of Trance Art.



I’m Ren Zatopek, your mystical Mary Poppins, complete with inclination to burst into song, magic purse of infinite depth, and ability to turn chalk drawings into doors to the Hidden World.

I’ve been a full-time spiritworker for nearly a decade and a half. In 2016 I closed the doors of my private practice and committed myself to the creation and launch of Human+Spiritwork, an online course for folks hearing the call of deeper, initiatory waters, but who find themselves without consistent support and guidance from their culture, traditions, or elders. Or, folks who have all that support and are just curious. 💙

I’m passionate about offering accessible training and guidance, because I know first-hand the value of having living, flesh-and-blood mentorship. I’m a wildly-sensitive natural hedgewalker, and, if not for the guidance of my Elders in the Traditional & Heretical WitchcraftCed Tradition, I don’t know that I would’ve survived my initiation. I would’ve been physically alive, but un-tethered from reality, my soul out to sea without a raft, with no compass or sense of the stars to get my bearings, and neither the ability nor the will to inhabit my body and experience what I now consider a rare opportunity: to be human!



I have a Good Will Hunting education in the science of trance (meaning, I’ve read books), and will definitely provide folks in this class with a recommended reading list.

In my 10+ years of private practice as a spiritworker, I have channeled guided meditations, journeys, and spirit encounters for thousands of people. I had daily practice not only moving myself in and out of trance, but helping clients cross into the realm of change (and back). I know from experience that trance is not one-size-fits-all, and I’m always happy to help folks find what works for them.

My two years (so far) of full-time writing has allowed me to focus on finding the clearest and most effective words for some seriously intangible and elusive stuff! (Using the word stuff probably not the best example of my clarity.) That said, I won’t pretend to have perfected a thing. Spiritwork, like trance, is about change and on-going evolution. All I can promise is that I’m going to keep seeking, keep listening, and keep sharing.

And, finally, I’m qualified to teach about trance because of my personal experience as a wildly-sensitive hedgewalker. My name is Ren and I am a trance-addict. I used trance to numb the pain of physical disability and mental illness. I kept my psychic senses wide open 24/7 because it made me feel in control, even though it hurt. Years of humbling work on my relationship to trance hasn’t given me all the answers, but it has given me compassion.


Class is going to start on time. Arriving early is recommended. Please have pencil and paper for notes. We’ll take a 5-10 minute break at the half-way point so y’all can use the bathroom, stretch, and re-focus. ​If you can’t make class live, a recording will be available for two weeks.

Ren at her desk smiling and waving at the webcamThis class is webinar-style in the sense that I’m going to be on video doing all the talking. You won’t need a camera or a mic, but there is a chat box if you have questions or want to compliment me on my hair.

This class is not webinar-style in the sense that it’s not a sales-pitch in disguise. We are going to spend the whole two hours learning how to make and break trance.

Class will include several guided workings and exercises in which I make suggestions to close your eyes, sway in your seat, or repeat a word or phrase out loud. If you’re able, I recommend attending class somewhere you can get weird without being disturbed.

You will receive a confirmation and three reminder e-mails for class, each containing a location link. 

The link will take you to a page on my website with a button that you can push to launch Zoom, our private classroom.

Installing the Zoom application is recommended, but you may also use Zoom in a web browser. It works best in Google Chrome. There is a Zoom application for the phone as well.

If your bandwidth is insufficient for streaming live video, there’s no reason to call-in or listen to just the audio. Instead, wait a few hours and you’ll get a link to watch the recording of the video.

The web page with our live class will have a button that you can use to pay whatever amount feels good to you. $13 is recommended, but any sum will be lovingly accepted. Click here to see how it works:


If you didn’t enjoy class, no worries. Ignore the payment button and go on your merry way.

Yes, a recording will be available for two weeks. I will also offer this class again next year.

Class participants are invited to join my (brand-spanking new) private Discord server. There are spaces to introduce yourself, talk about spiritwork, and post questions for Ren. 

Live chats are offered regularly. (Scheduled times for everyone to hop on Discord at the same time and discuss/share/socialize.)