Simple+Spiritwork is free. The lessons and practices require only an internet connection and courage. There’s nothing else you’ll need to have, wear, or buy. 

Simple+Spiritwork is online. You don’t have to drive to it or catch a bus. You don’t have to be physically able to drive or even able to get out of bed. (I have a disability, so that last sentence is my life some days.)

Simple+Spiritwork is self-paced. Class happens when you have the time and the desire. While quiet, private space is recommended for some workings, I’m always available to help folks find ways to work with what they’ve got.

Simple+Spiritwork is not a religion; it doesn’t bind. There’s no oaths to make or books to swear upon. There’s no pressure to continue beyond where you wish to go. There’s no pressure to take the work more seriously than you wish to take it. Dive deep. Skim the surface. Drop it. Pick it back up.

It’s simple, because you don’t have to figure out how to be anyone except yourself. Actually, that part can be pretty damn challenging. Complicated, too. Messy.

But, I’m here to help. Happy to be your guide in the way of finding-your-own-way, for as long as you’d like the company.

And I can already tell you’re an awesome find-your-own-way and color-outside-the-lines kinda person, because you found your way here!

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1.1 + LESSON: What is spirit?
1.2 + LESSON: What has a spirit?
1.3 + LESSON: How is spirit perceived?
1.4 + RECAP: Defining Spirit
1.5 + JOURNAL: Spirit Questions

2.1 + LESSON: The Many Names of the Otherworld
2.2 + LESSON: Poetic Play: The Other Day
2.3 + LESSON: A Common Map of the Otherworld
2.4 + LESSON: A Simple Map of the Otherworld
2.5 + LESSON: Who are the Hidden Folk?
2.6 + LESSON: The Way to the Otherworld
2.7 + RECAP: Understanding the Otherworld
2.8 + SPIRITWORK: The Threshold of Spiritus, the Breath

3.1 + LESSON: What is Trance?
3.2 + LESSON: Change Resistance
3.3 + LESSON: Free Thinking
3.4 + LESSON: Power of Repetition
3.5 + LESSON: Dissociation, the Watcher, and the Witness
3.6 + LESSON: Primary and Secondary Trance
3.7 + LESSON: Breaking Trance
3.8 + LESSON: Dogmatic & Abusive Trance
3.9 + LESSON: Paradigm of Dogma: What we can do?
3.10 + RECAP: The Mechanics of Trance
3.11 + LESSON: Final Thoughts on Trance
3.12 + WORKBOOK: Build-your-own Trance Recipe
3.13 + SPIRITWORK: Journey to the Center of the Heart

4.1 + LESSON: What is Soul?
4.2 + LESSON: What has Soul?
4.3 + LESSON: Discomfort in Discussions of Death
4.4 + LESSON: Ren’s Death Musings
4.5 + LESSON: The Realm of Fantasy
4.6 + LESSON: The Realm of Possibility
4.7 + LESSON: The Soul’s Identity
4.8 + RECAP: What is Soul?
4.9 + WORKBOOK: Romancing the Soul

5.1 + LESSON: The Many Names of the Psychic Senses
5.2 + LESSON: What are the Psychic Senses?
5.3 + LESSON: Some Thoughts on Psychic Readings
5.4 + LESSON: How did we become Sensitive?
5.5 + LESSON: Psychic Hypersensitivity
5.6 + LESSON: The Desire for Control
5.7 + LESSON: The Desire for Intensity
5.8 + LESSON: Psychic Health & Homeostasis
5.9 + RECAP: Understanding our Psychic Senses
5.10 + SPIRITWORK: Pan & Panic
5.11 + JOURNAL: My Psychic Senses

6.1 + LESSON: Out of Body: Medical or Mystical
6.2 + LESSON: Out of Body: Asleep or Awake
6.3 + LESSON: Spiritflight & Soulflight
6.4 + LESSON: Soulflight Risks
6.5 + LESSON: Spiritflight Risks
6.6 + LESSON: Intentional Spiritflight
6.7 + LESSON: Full Separation versus Daydream
6.8 + LESSON: The Universe Within
6.9 + LESSON: Benefits of Staying Home
6.10 + LESSON: Restorative Sleep
6.11 + RECAP: In & Out of Body Experience
6.12 + SLEEPWORK: Silk Skin + Dream Within

7.1 + LESSON: Relationships with Spirits
7.2 + LESSON: Relationship to Spiritwork
7.3 + LESSON: Spirit Friends and Foes
7.4 + LESSON: The Purpose of Personification
7.5 + LESSON: What is Deity?
7.6 + LESSON: Common and Uncommon Sense in the Otherworld
7.7 + LESSON: What’s in a Name?
7.8 + LESSON: Haters Gonna Hate
7.9 + LESSON: Am I Enough?
7.10 + LESSON: The Lantern of Self-Knowledge
7.11 + RECAP: Relationships with Spirits
7.12 + JOURNAL: Self-Knowledge

8.1 + LESSON: Build-your-own Simple Spiritworking
8.2 + LESSON: Sacred Time & Space
8.3 + LESSON: Selecting a Purpose
8.4 + LESSON: Choosing a Trance
8.5 + LESSON: Physical Safety
8.6 + LESSON: Gathering Ourselves for the Work
8.7 + LESSON: Spiritual Safety
8.8 + LESSON: Entering the Sacred
8.9 + LESSON: Doing the Work
8.10 + LESSON: Returning from the Work
8.11 + LESSON: After the Work
8.15 + WORKBOOK: Build-your-own Spiritworking
8.12 + RECAP: Build-your-own Spiritworking
8.13 + COURSE RECAP: Simple+Spiritwork

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6 Workbooks


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Julie James
Herbalist & Director of
Green Wisdom Herbal Studies

“Folks, particularly you woo-woo witchy types, you really need to check this out!

There are very few people I would trust to teach this type of work as much as I trust Ren Zatopek. She is wildly brilliant, hilarious, radically inclusive, inclusively radical, a truly powerful witch, and an all around awesome person.

For folks like me who are fascinated by this, but a bit resistant to woo-woo witchiness, Ren is really splendid at helping us re-frame how we see and think of concepts like Spirit–part of her welcoming vibe.

This course gives you a really great sense of who Ren is and how she teaches. You’ll instantly see why folks adore her so much.”

Who is Ren?

Who is Ren?

Howdy, free spirit! I’m Ren Zatopek, a traditional spiritworker from Texas, now living in North Carolina. I look a bit younger and sweeter than I really am. I take that back. I am genuinely the sweetest. I’m sweetly humming a tune as we dig through mounds of ancestral skulls together, weeping sticky tears that look like crude oil and starlight. You’re getting tired, and I’m there to put an arm around your shoulder and say, “Keep digging, friend!”💀

In my experience, most of the time, sweet, sensitive support is just what’s needed to help folks through their usual and unusual blocks. Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down! 🎵 I’m your mystical Mary Poppins complete with magic purse of infinite depth and ability to turn chalk drawings into portals to the Hidden World.

I also am inclined to swearing like a sailor, shape-shifting around bonfires, and studying a variety of martial arts…which may or may not be like Mary Poppins, because really, what do we know about Mary? She might be into swords and sailors. She’s a very mysterious witch.


“The level of respect Ren has for this subject is enhanced by her familiarity with the spirits. Her language is colorful, yet she approaches every facet unflinchingly. (Wait until you hear her extoll the virtues and mysteries of a good bowel movement.) The Spiritwork 101 that I took with Ren in Los Angeles was, by far, the most comprehensive, yet concise class on this topic I have ever taken. The growth it has initiated in me I expect to be far-reaching and will likely influence me the rest of my life. “

+ Sean Hauge |  Graphics Manager | Teacher of Reiki + Shamanism


“Ren’s way of teaching is very poetic. Her perspective on spiritwork is, at first glance, very different from what is presented elsewhere. This is the first place that I’ve heard, in spiritual terms, that if one wants a friend, they must be a friend. I think that this concept may be alien to those who are used to using spirits as helpers and sources of power.”

+ Yoomin Lee | Student | Science-Loving Seer

I 💙 Questions.

I 💙 Questions.

Yes! We will all be seeking to cultivate a “beginner’s mind,” where we receive new practices without assuming we already understand. If you are an absolute beginner and don’t have a rigid frame of reference for interpreting this material, that’s awesome. You could even call it an advantage. The rest of us may have to crack a few of our favorite eggs.

No. Not really.

Imagine you are signing up to learn Karate or Argentine Tango for the first time. It’s going to challenge your mind and body. You may feel uncoordinated or confused. You are going to fall. Odds are high that you’ll get an elbow to the face at some point. It is not as safe as staying home and reading a book.

On the other hand, it will make a big difference if you have an instructor that is committed to teaching you how to train as safely as possible–a teacher that knows that productive training lies somewhere between zero risk and frequent injury.

I am here to push you out of your comfort zone and into the growth zone as safely as possible. I’m your sky-diving instructor. You’re going to understand your parachute inside and out before we jump out of the plane.

But we are going to jump. Spiritwork is life-changing. It is not safe.

You are welcome in this course. I doubt you’d be asking this question unless something about this course was calling to you. You don’t have to understand logically what’s calling, sometimes we only find out by doing. Come on in! The water is fine and deep.

No particular belief, knowledge, or prior experience is required for participation in Simple Spiritwork. It does not hinder the work if you think your root structures and wisdoms rise from the memory within, from your genetic material, or if you think these voices exist outside of your body in the Otherworld. It doesn’t matter to me if you consider the visionary encounters to be imaginary, a healing story or dream, or if your experience tells you there is something Other at work.

Spiritwork is blocked only by denying your experiences and resisting your evolution, in the name of your beliefs. This goes for folks who deny an experience of Other, and insist all is imagination, and for folks who attribute everything to Other, and deny their imagination.

Seeing, contrary to popular wisdom, isn’t believing. It’s where belief stops, because it isn’t needed anymore.

+ Sir Terry Pratchett, novelist of great wit & wisdom

I’m a highly sensitive person, too! Spiritwork calls to many sensitive people. You are welcome here.

If you are nervous that is okay. You don’t need to be free of fear or doubt. You just need an ounce more courage than fear to keep your feet moving forward. If you want to move forward, this course will travel with you and help you. If you’ve felt weak and out of control, but are willing to experience your strength and free will, then come on in. It won’t always be easy, but it will be good.

If are looking for a place where you will be safe from topics that cause mental and emotional stretching and discomfort, then the kind of spiritwork that I’m offering is not going to be to your liking. I respect that avoidance is critical for some people’s well-being. You have my compassion and blessings.


I just looked up a list of common trigger warnings and it was like a checklist for topics in this course. Swearing, yes. Death, check. Sexuality, yup. Shame, for sure. Legal and illegal drugs, it’s not what I’m teaching, but it’s definitely relevant. Abuse, especially as relates to trance, but also in other contexts.

My videos aren’t going to include violent or erotic imagery. (Some of y’all are like, “Aww. Boo.”) In appearance they are safe for home and work. However, we will be performing deep trancework and encountering spirits. Do you know how many folks get passed a skull full of blood to drink from when they meet the Ancestors? Mythical imagery like this is common in spiritworkings. It is potent and can be very disturbing. I am available to help students relate to these encounters in a productive way, but I’m rarely available immediately. Sensitive folks will need to cultivate some tolerance for the discomfort of not-knowing and not-understanding immediately. 

Are you bleeding terribly? Get off the computer and go to the hospital! If you are in acute distress of any kind, signing-up for training that will challenge your mind, body, and spirit is not a great idea.

But then, I’ve had times in my life when I was in chronic, acute distress. During those periods, growth and learning were critical to my maintaining a will to live. If you’re pretty stable for a crazy/possessed/dying person, and you’ve got a strong desire to grow, then come on in.

If you are presently in need of treatment, in treatment, or in recovery for issues with addiction/compulsion, please be aware that the trance techniques we are learning are mind-altering and therefore have the potential for abuse. Please discuss with the folks supporting your recovery.

For best results with this course you will need the following:

+Personal Responsibility

+Mental Flexibility

+Desire to Live greater than Desire to Check Out

+A Conscience

+Willing to Look at Self

Frequent questions were covered. Got an infrequent question?
Email me: [email protected]

Ready to jump in?

Ready to jump in?

*putting a toe in first is also valid.

*putting a toe in first is also valid.